Rekha Thapa got married in court

Rekha Thapa got married in court Famous actress Rekha Thapa is married. According to a source, she got married to Balram Shahi of Jajarkot, who is living in Israel, a few days ago. Thapa and Shahi have been in love for a long time. Shahi Thakuri, 40, is currently living in the United States. They got married in the Kathmandu District Court.

This is the second marriage of successful Nepali actress Thapa. Thapa had earlier married producer Chhabiraj Ojha. They have divorced 10 years ago. Thapa, who made her debut in Nepali cinema from the movie Hero, has acted in movies like Himmat, Kismat, Kasle Choyo Mero Manal, and others. Along with acting, Thapa has made various films.

Thapa, 37, was also active in politics. Shahi is a tourism entrepreneur. Even she will be getting married with court married with aggregate to mention out there. While I have been checking out this news really shocked about this news to learn to know this one. 

Rekha Thapa got married in court this is her second marriage to him. Even she has some reason behind her first husband to take over there. Even a lot of people will be happy to see her getting the next married to share this news flash out there. 

Both of them were happy to do this married to decided to mention out there. She will be the right way to discuss their own parent to mention out there. Here is also the name of the Meredith in the Court. Talking to the family here and the family of the other Husband’s names, the people here have also asked them to do merriment. Here, too, he was still happily discharged. It is still possible to live a good life here. 

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