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Father had said bad things about my mother todayFather had said bad things about my mother today

Father had said bad things about my mother today It never occurred to me that I would like to have an opinion today. This person is going to live a bad life. But people who don’t make everyone happy with their children never seem to be doing well, in my opinion. This made me feel bad. Why is this so? I was the mother of my mother, but when Father talked about it, I also felt unhappy. It also means that I have not forgotten my life. This is what I will keep in the coming days. Because of this, I don’t feel like doing anything.

I want to say this evening. But to put it bluntly, it seems to me that Bae would have been better. Because of this, there is only work to be done at home. It is also the work of the world itself. These things start as soon as you wake up in the morning. But if you don’t have your own buddy, you will know how your son behaves the next day after the whole work.

I will never forget this, even if it is not in the things to be forgotten. But even after waking up in the morning, this is always the case. But my mother has never been able to live her life according to her happiness. There has never been peace in the house. In order to have peace in the home, it is necessary to take care of yourself.

He was talking about how badly I felt. My mother also made me feel bad when I was eating. I feel like I should never have said such a thing at mealtime, but I also think that it should be played in my mind. This person is always talking only about himself. What you like here is what you like. If you don’t agree, you have to be angry here. I don’t like it to be angry.

If I were to talk about it here, it would be as if I had billed myself. But even in such a society, women may not speak in their own way. Son, there are only people in this world, but I have always wondered what kind of society this person grew up in. That thing still plays in my mind. That thing may not be forgotten. What a day to wake up and me. I feel like something is happening at home because of Fight.

Why does this man still speak his mind? Why is this thing repeated? If you do this again, it seems like I’m no less. If you still do that in front of me, I would be very angry. The reason for the anger is to get rid of it. But because of this, I have not been able to get success in my work. Why go to the sky to do the dirty work.

This person may be shouting at me like this. I don’t want to do the work of this person, I may not do it the next day, even if I do it myself. There is still a lot to be done while doing this. I would never do such a thing. Maybe I still want to do a lot of work in my life. I hope that I will continue to do that work.

Father had said bad things about my mother today This is how I wanted to write in my blog because of myself and I have written. Everyone should see this. If this happens to you at home, let me know. It never happens in your house. Why do you get angry and say bad things after waking up in the morning? When I do such things in the morning, but when I talk, I never have fun in the day. My mother keeps in mind even the smallest thing.

Take a leap in the little things. There is nothing to worry about, but there is also a small thing to be sad about. It is not good to hurt a small thing. There are small mistakes people make but for that mistake, they have to do their best. What happens to your son? My son never told me how he behaved. You have to understand that here too, but when you see that thing only for yourself, you should not look at anything else here. You only have to look after your work, not your family. Never spend your time with family.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If you want to be supported by me, I want to be very involved in my work. If your work is to be accompanied by others, how many people will be here, even if they are here? Because of today’s talk, I didn’t want to do anything. I will keep it in my mind. I will think about it myself. Not only by thinking about it.

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