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Gramfree is Real Fake Account in 2022Gramfree is Real Fake Account in 2022

Gramfree is Real Fake Account in 2022 is the platform wr4e the people will be doing the smart contract, watching video, free rolls, play lottery and invites friends etc we can activities to do work into from . We can make as withdrawn process with the different platform account to send a request from the gramfree but we aren’t able to connect with gramfree staff working to get approval to request pending of payment request from user.

I have seen this platform to join to request from the friends which he did to make forcus to join this platform but I am doing the continue way working under this platform. Even I have been complete the 500 gram into my account with hard working under this platform. Even I have been request to ask friends who had invite to me link of referral about the gramfree he didn’t ignore the message with me.

Even I have made some of interest video into my channel to visitor will be join this platform but they aren’t like to way to join this platform as well it. But everybody want to said it’s really a fake account gramfree didn’t send the payment request approved for all people. Even I gave been request the payment in November 11, 2021 but still 3 Month were already pass but there is no payment isn’t complete yet now.

Let’s feels to bored to using this platform to join back to move on it. Even the company person will be make clever with us. Even they are cheating with us. Even we are from the Nepal side we cannot nothings to said to do. Even I have been watching the some of video daily while seen into the gramfree account. They are already receiving their payments into their wallet account.

Even I have been share into the groups of fake account but they aren’t doing nothings about this issue to Tell to give solutions with me there. But there is no any staff will be available to watch or follow about this issue to faced out there. Only there is only showing the platform of earnings related topic only not for gramfree account related.

Gramfree is Real Fake Account in 2022 I will be requesting to all people those who are still working under this platform didn’t go there. Its really waste your time only. We cannot doing anything about this one. If they are doing this platform to release their payment request then the people will be make trust on it. Even I have read the FOQ question answer to share the payment release dateline there. They have been only the for 2 weeks and sometime it will be take much more longer time only.

But still there is no any payment from my account. Even I have been create the payoneer account to make withdrawal request from the gramfree But the gramfree didn’t complete the payment request more then 90 days. Still I also bee wait for the moment while checking out this moment to take into there.



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