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Congratulations 13th Anniversary to eSewaCongratulations 13th Anniversary to eSewa

Congratulations 13th Anniversary to eSewa it was established in 2009 first time ever making the digital platform start to run in Nepal. It will be licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a Payment Service Provider. eSewa is Nepal’s first and leading online payment gateway providing comprehensive payment solutions. With eSewa digital wallet, customers can pay, send and receive money simply using the mobile app or a web browser.

Now it turns into the 13 years celebrating from eSewa teams and the manager will be making the shot clips of video shot into their social media side to treating process to reach their collection over there. Even the 300+ million users will be joining this platform as customer users. Even they are working together to fields working into there. There are millions of thousand of question that has been raised towards the customer feedback and collect their data to the source income.

Even the Nepali people will be make happier pay anyone , anywhere else from domestic side from there. Even I have been using this eSewa app with trust company will be running out to give any time to give their payment immediately into their account. A lot of familiar will make become most of popular platform ever seen to looks there. 

There is different offer and contest that will be running it out from Facebook, Viber, the Instagram, etc platform they have been round out some quiz and campaign will be run out there. They are hardly welcome to that user who will become a new users to use this platform to enter there. Congratulations 13th Anniversary to eSewa they have been completed from today within this days. 

Now teams were making strong to feel as proud to succeed as a business person from Nepal side. The company people will be made still working together while solving their problem into there. They are looking forward to seeing a new system of software will be made generation over there. Even the 24 hours toll-free number will be available to touch with the people to call with them. 

Once you will make try it one then it will be made much more helpful towards your side to increase the number of customers to reach them. Even we were happy to use this feature still nowadays also too. Even the further generation we need to make a payment as an international way which the people can easily get the payment anywhere to buy and selling their product to received any side to give them there. Even the company people and Nepal government will be looking forward to checking this site to maintenance over to make them. 

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