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Vlogs of Annapurna Ward No 4Vlogs of Annapurna Ward No 4

Vlogs of Annapurna Ward No 4 is a place of Kaski, Nayapool which highway between Pokhara-Baglung we have moving heading from Pokhara side to move under this place. Since the morning time at 8am we have taken off into from bus which coming from the highway side. Since the morning it will make little rainfall reaction happen to see there. This place is really like a cool and awesome place where we have to relax to stay over there.

This village people were live under this place. Since one of person Kaskikot he will come back after 10 years it might be totally changed to see this area over there. Even I feel to meet those people around to see there. Some of the people will be live in the place of Pokhara side. Only one person will make handle the save the village development there.

Under this village, there is also made the road but there isn’t moving here and there side around there. Lack of some problem happens to see there. Even the people will go into the main road into the Cross the Modi Riverside which moving from the Ghadurak area road.

After I arrived under this village I see the spring waterfall and river flowing as well as Bridge to see there. Even I see the main road were clean to see there. Even I see that some of house were live into forest area only two or more house only have infornt under this place only. Under that line village, I see the Landurak village were area much more house have felt to see there.

Vlogs of Annapurna Ward No 4 I just going own work to set up a rice mill which people move on Nayapool and other person move to carry on there. So that person will be discussed that I will be doing this rice with second hand then I will give better service with the people and village will give good service for us.

But I haven’t known that Village correct one. Once again I was going to that place to mention that fixed place name then I will be mention for you here. Then you will be better know under this to see there. Hope you will be keeping in touch to see this place then you also remember your own village life and area to feel of landscape area of Nepal.

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