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Beautiful place of Ghachok Village in NepalBeautiful place of Ghachok Village in Nepal

Beautiful place of Ghachok Village in Nepal is the place of hill area with cover by the forest area heavy rock and mountain to see there. Ghachok is the like a village area which the people move here and there side to watching the view of Himalaya from there. Even i were moving this place to further checking out this one new place feels really cool and nice place to goes there.

Yesterday we have been moving into this place were the people will be live under this place. This place going from Pokhara-Baglung Highway then turn into the right side from pokhara side. From balgung turn into the left side. After you can see a two river flowing into there. One of river name is Seti, Ghachok river and Mardi River etc this river will be mixing into the Seti River.

Even the road conditions were still under construction over there. Even the people will be doing this things happen to take this one. I were see the Pokhara water supply area will also make construction to supply into the valley side. Lot of people will be make live into the village they have Use their own Internet as well it. I have getting to met a new person who are the Gurung family to take this discuss to move on it.

Even that area there is not like run the rice mill over but the lack of service happen to we have seen there. Then that person will be make bring the second hand machine to take within own area to talk with them. Then he will be talk that person to shot over there. Even the people will be take this things own way of running business to take there.

Still the people will be moving this place for see the own place which the famous place to see there. This place also called the tourist area place of Nepal. Into this place the road will be still well making to clear way to do road conditions like as valley side. We will be getting a lot of facilties while moving from the valley into the village area.

Even the people will be use their cultivated land to run their house and other purpose to save their life. The big building will be making under there. The people will also busy to make their house. Beautiful place of Ghachok Village in Nepal which ever green their landscape of hills area happen to see there.

Once you can also visit the Ghachok place of Kaski area which I already mention this road arrow to getting to touch into this place. I see the lot of video over into youtube channel. They are doing the old and latest few year were seen into this pace to see there. If you were right you will be make little bit confuse to see. If you were confuse the local people will be tell you mention place to move ahead there.

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