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I am talking about my fatherI am talking about my father

I am talking about my father My father is the one who completes his chores and does not listen to other household chores. Whenever you do shouting things. I’ve been listening to them since I was little. I would have liked to do this when I was young, but because of the father of the house, no one would have given it to me. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was in jail. My father is also a person with bad thoughts. He used to shout and wake up his sons by himself and when he grew up he said that he would not work and he would not work.

In some work, we have done the work of the people here. But the work here is good but there is also a lot of misery. According to Dukka, the work is also good. But if you want to hurt your family by hurting them, you have to do it. I still remember those old days. Remembering the old days makes me want to cry.

The screaming started as soon as the sister got up. After shouting, people think differently. If you do what you do, you will be happy, but you will not be happy to do the work of others. There has never been a happier day in the family. If a happy day comes, it seems like it is only after Dead in my mind. But even if we don’t do that, it means that we are also saddened by the word and the deeds done by him. Others have to understand this by themselves. He has to do the work himself, so he has to do it himself.

I am still told to be merry, but if the merry-go-round doesn’t make me cry, then that thing will come to me. Life is different when you die. We are also affected by father’s bunny. In the days after the shooting did not happen, the thing that came to mind came to mind.

There is a difference between my father and the father of others in many things but it is a matter of talking. But the work done is not completed. You have to go yourself to complete that. Because of that, things come to my mind whether it is hot or not. Father’s bunny is bad, he is always screaming. The one who shouts does not know how to reunite his family. It is as if the screaming people were living a lonely life because of what is on my mind.

I am talking about my father If you want to be a father like me, people are crazy. I probably never used to face Baba since I was little. Now, because of my own reasons, I have learned that thing, I have also learned that work by myself. I would never have abused my mother a third time. If Baba had not done that. But that work has been done till now. That thing will never happen if it doesn’t become hot by itself.

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