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How to make Web Stories in WordPress in Nepali 2022How to make Web Stories in WordPress in Nepali 2022

How to make Web Stories in WordPress in Nepali 2022 is the short image and video clips which sharing like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc this Platform we had to make short story tab to share there. The story tab will help to grow their viewer and reaction of people will follow them. Under the case of Web Stories is developed by Google Product which for a few 8 months it will be established this feature in the WordPress plugin to freeway to use their templates and image from the store.

Some Tips are Mentioned below:

1. First you need to log in to your WordPress accounts in Desktop and Mobile browsers.
2. After then You can find the Plugin option> Add New.
3. You can Type the Name ” Web Stories ” in the Search bar.
4. the First plugin you can find out there.
5. Please Install plugins and Active.
6. After then create to story and Then a new page will be loaded there.
7. You might be chosen in a WordPress account or upload an image in the file. You can choose to write text, paragraph lines.
8. After finesh your complete then you can publish option there.

These are things where we can publish or post a stories tab from a WordPress account. A lot of people will be getting generated the traffic source from Web Stories get the orginal one. This feature will make it popular worldwide. Even I will be trying to make stories to create into my Account to get this one.

If your post image or video will be ranking in Google then you will get a lot of millions of traffic will be generated into there. If we’re doing working hard to reach this process to get this one. A lot of Indian users have been earning money from their Web Stories. On the Nepali side, we need to share this information with all of them to get a lot of traffic to your website.

If you thinking to plan to creating a new website and getting Web Stories then you will be a chance to get a lot of people will be visiting your site. You need to buy a good hosting and domain name to use. If you are doing this thing then you get lot of things to happen to learn and earn money also too there.

If this one goes the high competition then you will be made unable to reach the target with audience level to reach them. If the people will are getting this right you will get to successfully into your life there. If you are doing this things happen into the Web Stories to create in 2022. You need to Set a Google search bar to target their level of improvement and attract to give them the best way to do.

A lot of Youtubers and bloggers will do this thing Wil be starting into their blog website to get this one there. If you think to plan to do this. You can pick right and try to learn some video then you will be started over there. Hope all the users will get to know you well for this one. Even the people will still be working under this one to get earn much more money from there.

So that is why How to make Web Stories in WordPress in Nepali 2022 way doing their creative way make earn money chance to reach them. If you are doing this one then you will get this one. If are doing this right now. Then you will be doing well for it. If you find out more then you will be making a search lot of things happen to create over there.

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