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Masala Mill Problem in Lamichhane Puja ShopMasala Mill Problem in Lamichhane Puja Shop

Masala Mill Problem in Lamichhane Puja Shop Gharipatan place of Pokhara which we have been moving under the evening time to check out the Masala Millhouse while smaller one. Since the longer time, the people will be waiting for this moment to check out this service to give on there. For a long time, that person will be calling with us to know this place to feet this one. Since the owner’s father and mother will be staying over the Shop which the people will be able to buy to run their small business to run out there.

Just we have been open the  Masala Mill then we have to check out the level of machine and cut up their some part while shorter than to know well for this one. Few a minutes we have been ready this mill while that person will be happy to see out there. Since the people will be doing business more than a year even the customer will be coming under this place to Masala mill. 

Today we were free to go to this place and we went by ourselves. And that girl had called, we were working towards Ranipowwa and after we got the call, we went to this place. This is what we have been doing in this place for a long time. These people have always called us. When we are called, we are busy with our work. And because of that, we don’t get to know each other. The people in this place were happy too.

And that person also happily gave money for the work he did. You also gave money and after the work was done, we used to run the mill and show the whole thing. This mill is small for us in Pokhara. A lot of people come to this mill. The other mill is in another place. Many people also make money from spices. You can also earn money by opening a small shop. The people here still make a lot of money from this mill.

Masala Mill Problem in Lamichhane Puja Shop It is not a big deal but it is also very easy for people to go. It doesn’t take much time to become easy. It doesn’t take much time for us. It is very easy for us to go to that place. And the roads in Pokhara are very bad. There is also a blockchain for people on the way. There is a hole in the road and there is a hole in the hole for us too. But we also have to go to Slove. It is very easy for us to go to this place.

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