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Sooryavanshi Box Office Day 2

Sooryavanshi Box Office Day 2 In just two days, Sooryavanshi has hit a half-century. The film collected 23.85 crores more on Saturday and as a result, the total stands at 50.14 crores. This is truly fantastic as the Saturday hold means that the film is not just about the opening day numbers but has in fact been appreciated well too.

After a very good start on Friday [26.29 crores], Saturday was always going to be tricky. First and foremost, one can’t be certain about films gaining usual trending from the pre-pandemic era when Saturday collections were better than Friday and then Sunday used to find even greater momentum 

However, there were no such scares as the film continued on Saturday morning where it left on Friday evening, and while Diwali advantage had already been taken care of, the Bhai Dooj holiday helped a bit as well as the Saturday factor. 

Sooryavanshi Box Office Day 2 This is the box office of the day. You may have seen this movie too. In this movie, you can also watch it in your hall, you can also watch it with your friends. How many days have passed in this film? This is only for update only 2 days update under this keep under to know this. 

Still, they haven’t completed the week ago spending under this fil will be running out there. Since this film was realized under the November 6 under the Diwali Time to the film will be made realized over there. 

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