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My Bhai Tika of the year 2078My Bhai Tika of the year 2078

My Bhai Tika of the year 2078 This year’s brother has not been vaccinated. Why shouldn’t our house be celebrated? Why did our own people die? Because of this, we are not laguna. He is just living in his own house. It is also fun at other people’s homes. Not even fun in our house. Why is there no vaccine in our house? And my sister also has sisters who do not speak and speak. But the sisters have not called me. But because of my sister, I also like to do this work.

This year I didn’t even stay at home. In the years to come, I will do my best to show off to others. And I have also mentioned in my video that I will put it on my channel. Brother’s love and sister’s love are very much their own. But the sister’s love is too much. Why does a sister love her brother? Even if you don’t love your father and mother.

But even if we live together in a family, the love of sisters and brothers is different. I also love my sister. But even listening to my sister’s words makes me sad. If there is an opinion that you should not be like your sister, then I also like it. This thing has always played in my mind. But I have also kept it in my mind. In the days to come, I will also lose all these things.

Bhai Tika’s day has also been a bad hour. It has been such an hour that I have been with my sister at the house where I went to fetch my brother. It’s about News yesterday. I’ve lost News too. This was also done in Neves. I was also wondering how this happened when my brother was going to his sister’s house in Nepal in an hour.

It is also a matter of mind. You have to do this yourself. This Bhai Tika is also very important in Nepal. On this day, people also give a lot of importance to their festival. Brother Tika’s day is also very happy in other people’s houses. No matter how much fun it is in other houses, brother and sister together have celebrated their brother even in fearlessness. 

My Bhai Tika of the year 2078 Even if I don’t wear it, I should be happy with what others have worn. You have to keep this happiness to yourself. On this happy day, others have done a lot. On this day, people go to other people’s houses. Didi also called her brother and said that she would come.

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