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Ghari Talbasi in Rice Mill in TanahunGhari Talbasi in Rice Mill in Tanahun

Ghari Talbasi in Rice Mill in Tanahun Today it has also gone to the place. The son of that man is also a very speechless man. Seeing is believing. He has also done his own work. You have to do your own thing. We also went during the day. At that mill, the man was also beating himself. There is an opinion that he has beaten himself. You can do your work even during the day.

This person’s job is just to run errands. There is also an opinion that Machine has been earning on her own. It can also be run by oneself. There is also a small problem in this mill. Because of this problem, people also come to see their own. But it’s good to see people come to work, but it’s also bad for people to talk.

It also takes a lot of time to work on the mill. There was not much work. It didn’t take long to work. Taking it in stride while working is what we call that person. And that person has a sluggish opinion and seems to be lazy even while working, but the person is not sluggish either.

You can also check for yourself. You have to work on your own, even if your little son runs the mill. There are other problems in the coming days. He also said that he has to solve the problem himself. My point is that everyone has to return to it. This man said he would pay the money we invested.

And in the days to come, money will work. I also give money to six people. There is a lot to talk about in the mill, we have to go back to it. This means that we have to return to the order in which we come after this. It will be easier for us to do this later. The mill is also very good for running in good condition. You have to spend money on time.

What we have said here is also what we have done. Doing one’s own work is another problem. Now it is very hot while working in the mill. And I had a lot of work to do. There was a lot of garbage in this mill. We also cleaned the garbage.

Ghari Talbasi in Rice Mill in Tanahun It is also very hot in this place. It is very cold in the winter season. There is also a lot of garbage in this mill. Garbage is also a job we take on. We have also done work on garbage.  There is also such garbage in many places in the mill. It is also a place of garbage. There is also a lot of garbage. This happens not only in mills but also in other mills. 

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