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New monetization tools & updates in Youtube 2021New monetization tools & updates in Youtube 2021

New monetization tools & updates in Youtube 2021 We know you’ve been asking for more clarity and transparency around YouTube’s Advertiser-friendly guidelines, so we’re creating this post to share short updates that highlight clarifications made to Help Center articles (namely the Advertiser-friendly content guidelines). If you “Subscribe” to this post, you’ll receive email notifications in your inbox whenever we publish an update to any of our ad-friendly guidelines resources. All of these updates are also logged on Upcoming and recent ad guideline updates. With us so far? Good. 

When our teams identify guidelines that need more clarification (commonly based on your feedback!), we update Help Center articles to include additional details and examples, or we restructure the information to be more clear. The goal is to make our existing guidelines much more transparent and understandable for creators who want to monetize their content on YouTube. Within this forum, you’ll see the most recent update pinned below this box as the “recommended answer”. 
As we continue to build out these resources based on your questions and input, make sure you’re using Self-Certification to rate your content – we’re constantly examining Self-Certification accuracy to determine where Creators are struggling to understand elements of our guidelines and make updates to the guidelines themselves for added clarity.

Even today morning time TeamYoutube will be shared to Twitter handle account to big surprise news for all creator will be going this post published over there. Some creators will be mentioned to upload videos under the channel to give their information to all those monetization channels they will get a chance to get this. 

I am also lost now. And you may have done the same in your post. I have also visited my website. That it should work accordingly. And I have also said that everyone should know this. You should also check it well. These are the New monetization tools & updates in Youtube 2021 where people can able to new this information to all. 

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