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Why YouTube Shorts Funds are not eligible in Nepal

Why YouTube Shorts Funds are not eligible in Nepal Why YouTube has done only 40 countries by YouTube but also in nearby country India. But there are many Nepali YouTubers like us. I have talked to YouTube Teams about YouTube shorts funding, but I haven’t said anything about it. I talked to my Nepali supporter Youtube Teams. Only if we will produce as soon as possible.

Other YouTubers have also said in the video that we have run out of YouTube Shorts Funds. But why YouTube has not lost the Nepali country. But YouTube has not lost our country Nepal either. There are a lot of YouTubers in Nepal, from small to big YouTubers in Nepal, but it is also something to think about for Nepal YouTube Shorts Funds.

Many people have also made money in Tiktok. Now I have to make a way to make money by uploading videos of YouTube shorts from YouTube. Here are some tips to help you get started: Not everyone here has done it in the country. But it is also applicable in all countries. If you do it in India, you have to do it in Nepal as well. Why Nepal and India are in a nearby countries.

I thought about it a lot, but it didn’t come. You know, YouTube short funds are up and running by the end of 2021. He said that we Nepali youth have not even received their shorts funds. Like, I also posted a video of YouTube Shorts Funds on my channel. There are also a few people missing in those videos.

But there are also many Nepali YouTubers. In Nepal, this has to be done. I have only written my own opinion about what you do in India and what we have to do. There is only your hand, whether you do it or not. Nepal cannot be a small country. There are many people who make money on YouTube.

Now, if you see this, you will also think that you have to do it in Nepal. We also have small videos on YouTube. Short videos will also benefit you later. Many people have also posted videos of Tiktok on their channels. Do you have YouTube shorts funds here?

This is something to consider. All Nepali’s have to get up because Nepali YouTube has posted small videos. Here you have to make money from your videos. It will be easier for us if you do it here. Here are some tips to help you get started: You’ve got to join YouTube. 

Why YouTube Shorts Funds are not eligible in Nepal Even here, we will forward these things to the staff teams, according to what has come from above. If you do, so do we Nepalis. video for your channel shorts funds are posted on the channel.

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