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Good Bye for Dashain 2078Good Bye for Dashain 2078

Good Bye for Dashain 2078 it will be running for 15 days Dashain festival will be running into the Nepal side which the people will be made to celebrate this day to move on there. Since this Dashain will be starting over the 15 days to the longer festival will be running into Nepal. Since today is the last date which the ended this Dashain festival to move on this year 2078. 

Today, this decade has also passed. Today is also the last day of vaccination days in Nepal. Today, people also get tika. From now on, the year may have been fun. People think that this decade has gone by so fast. Day and time do not stop us. There are more days than today and more days than tomorrow. Tika Nalagouda in Dashain is also fine for me. I don’t enjoy sticking to Dashain. I don’t even want to go to another’s house in Dashain. I don’t think it’s right to go to someone else’s house from a young age.

In the old days, people used to run their own shops. People come back to their work. And the time of the festival will also come to Nepal. From today, your decade is over. On the day of Dashain, people have not been able to go to other people’s houses yet.

I didn’t even look good this decade. Happiness is nowhere in my life. Speaking of the mind is in the mind but there is also an opinion that people do very differently in what they do and what they think. Others may have had a good time, but somebody may have had a bad time.

If you want to have fun next year, I have to do a lot of my work in the coming days. You may have had fun meeting others in your tens. You may also be thinking of going abroad again. It is also a very pleasant tent for your family to stay together in Dashain. Having fun with your family in Dashain is also a very good thing.

A lot of things don’t even happen to people. People think that it will be like this in Dashain. But if you do as you think, there is a difference in many things. In order to be different, you have to do it yourself. Because of this, others are also affected a lot. It has been heard in many places in the country that tika in Dashain is very popular.

From today, my decade is over, maybe you are also over. It is also well-worn. You may have worn it too. Those who do not tika now should apply well in the next decade. Good Bye for Dashain 2078 we will remember this moment with next year. 

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