Why your Dashain isn't Good For this Year 2078

Why your Dashain isn’t Good For this Year 2078 Why is there never happiness in our home? In your house, you have to have fun with your family. But I don’t even think about what Dashain is. In Dashain, people cannot even work with their families. Have fun in your tens. The people who come are also going to your house. This decade has not been good for me. In Dashain, one always has to shout and the father himself shouts on the day of Dashain.

Happiness in my home has never come to me. My happiness will never come. In my happiness, I always feel bad about what I have done. On a happy day, it means having fun with your family. In my decade, there may not have been a tent of happiness.

I don’t even know what happiness is. There are always shouts and bad words in the house. Baba Taisahi is only proud of himself. There is a lot of anger over himself. In Dashain, many people do not even come to our house. During Dashain, I don’t even get to enjoy my way.

In other houses, their families may come and go. There is also Tika in Nidar and Dachina in the hand. But even my own uncle has never been bad at home. Mahiju also has such bad thoughts for us. And his family seems to be his own. But even at the time of Dashain, Najam has to go outside. But even what I said and what I thought should never go ahead, neither should father.

The only thing we can do is to eat our own anger and nothing else for us. It is also very good to shout at others in anger. After waking up, it is easier for oneself and not even thinking. But this shift has not been good for me. My decade is never good. I have to go to someone’s house in Dashain. I don’t even get to have fun with anything.

On the day of Dashain, there is always a time to wake up and wake up your family. If I want to celebrate Dashain by hurting others, I may not have the same joy in my life. I also told you my heart’s desire. This may happen in your house on your tenth day. But Dashain is not for me but for others.

How many people have made noise by eating their own food? There is no food and only shouting. Happiness is also enjoyed after shouting. Whatever happens, if he tells others by hurting his heart. I can enjoy myself, but I can’t. Dashain and Tihar seem to be nothing to me in my opinion.

I have been doing this since I was a child and I have been thinking about it since I was a child. In Dashain, you can see others having fun with your family at home. Happiness never comes to our house even when we see others. Why your Dashain isn’t Good For this Year 2078 but everything I shared under mention paragraph to know it well for this one. 

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