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Happy Dashain 2078 in NepalHappy Dashain 2078 in Nepal

Happy Dashain 2078 in Nepal is the most important for the Hindu and Buddhists they can celebrate this festival each and every year. Under this Dashain will be held between the Ashoj and Kartik month of Nepali calendar will be held to do there. It will be a longer period of time were running into our country Nepal side there. Since they have been spending over there 15 days celebrate this Dashain festival to do there. 

Under the Today is Ashoj 21st will be starting for 10 days long period of time they have been doing the celebrating this festival to running out there. Since we have found the different types of meat shop will be finding out to reach the number of people who will be gathered over to see the city area there. Since during this Dashain festival we have seen over there thousand of people will be founding out the business to running out there. 

All of the houses of people will be moving towards their own home to celebrate gather into the family member to celebrate there. During this month they have been meeting with friends and family to celebrate the awesome and great month of the year will do enjoy it over there. Under the other country, they have been celebrating as a different festival to celebrate into there. 

Even in our country we have been important o this gs like under the dasshain festival to us. Under these 10 days, there are different places they have been main important they have to do into the different places of the temple the people will be doing worship the lord Durga puja over there. Some of poor and rich person will be doing to celebrate as Dashain festival to do. 

Happy Dashain 2078 in Nepal to all whole Nepali people who will be doing the celebrate this festival in the Nepal side and another country they have been celebrating to doing this one. Even they will be doing this one over there. Even out of the country they have been celebrating with their own place to as become Nepali people will be celebrating this festival to running into there. 

Hope we have done this festival will be important with us. We need to things into your mind be keep stay safe and keep stay healthy into your life. Even we have found out this place to moving under this different news will be created happen under this Dashain time. Even some of the people haven’t got the thief the money of another house then you will be doing this activity to save their life. 

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