Have you Take Vaccine of COVID-19 in Nepal

Have you Take Vaccine of COVID-19 in Nepal this was brought first from China which the government of China will be sent us Nepali People to make help the Nepali people in the world. Even the vaccine was established in the China country which longer 1 year back they have brought this vaccine to test into the China country. Even one year past we all proper Nepali people didn’t use a vaccine dose to take from a near place.

Some of the 50+ people there use to take their vaccine dose in the Ward office in Pokhara and the rest of part they have been taken it. Even some of the people will be take dose of from there. But we are still aren’t taking a dose yet now. Nepal Airlines will bring a vaccine to all Nepali to save the people. Even during this time, they have sent with us as a freeway to use and save the people from Nepal.

Special the from outside of the country like China, India, America, and Turkey they have been sent as vaccine dose to all the people in Nepal. But the government will try to given all of the people get a vaccine. But some people aren’t taking a vaccine yet now also too. Even I have to take a vaccine any dose to take into there. Some of the clever people who know that person will be already taken this dose from there.

Even the teams will be decided to send all whole parts of the place which they can divide to take a vaccine from there. They can use their own way to use this. Some people will make leave their death rate after taking a vaccine dose from there. Even they have to take a first dose and a second dose to take it. But I asked near people who work under their Office of the ward to safe as nurse way to given them suggestions give them.

More than 50% percent of people will be using the vaccine dose in Nepal. Even we are smaller age people we didn’t take a vaccine dose from there. We are unable to take a vaccin3 dose from there. Even we are waiting for this moment to use them. Still, they are working with this issue to take all Nepali to save from the Covid-19 for a certain period of time to save their life.

Have you Take Vaccine of COVID-19 in Nepal but the government will make them arrange a way of Format to take a vaccine within the mentioned date they can use this dose of vaccine. But the government will be made late to slow working to taken all whole Nepali People country there. Some people will say this will be fake we cannot take a longer time to save our body to take this.

We all Young people need to right way to take a vaccine from their own place. We want to need vaccine doses from there. We need to be safe from this virus there. We are waiting a moment while taking this one. The rest of the people have already taken this vaccine dose from there. Even we know this vaccine. We need to this post with your friends and share this post with the government they can see this. 


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