My Saturday blog Story Part 54

My Saturday blog Story Part 54 I wake up early at a moring time at 4 am which we are moving under the Rising Village to place for working under this place there. Since we have a plan already to decided to go this place to moving under this place. Within 40 minutes we have been starting the scooter to ride over there. We arrived under this place of Bhimad at 6 am we received under this place. Some of the roads were much more difficult to move under the Korte place of Tanahu place there. 

Within 8 am we are under this place to moving under this place. First, we need to take rest over that place there. Since that place we have moving under the part of item will be brought out infornt the scooter side there. We had to take a tea over that place. Most important we will be calling under that person into fitting the wire part over there. He and the rest of two-person will be coming in there. We have made the current line over there. Into the house, we have fitted over there. Over a 1hour and a half-hour will be spending doing there. 

We had to take a launch break into the person in the hotel side there. We have sitting over there 15 minutes to spending over there. Even the talk with the money over. Even we had called that person was going the home to over to meet with own sister over there. Then he will come over there. Even the weather looking a rainfall over cloudy will happen to see there. Even we talk to that person within a few minutes then we have moved under this place there. 

Slow we have to move under the Rising village to Bhimad place there. Even I was taking a video shot under the mobile device to shot a video over there. Since we had to make this video from there. Slow we have to make this shot a video and slowly drive a scooter over there. Then we had been arrived under 2pm in the main city over there. One of the places of Amarsign Place of Pokhara to checking machinery over there. There is no electricity in the mill house there. We arrived at this place there. Then we have to take a restaurant to eat food over there. After then he will be called with us phone the current line will come there. 

We have been moving under this place there. Even we have taken too much spending over that place there. Then we had taken petrol into the MalePatan place of highway-side from there. Before that, we had visiting the Vegetable shop in the Srijanachowk place of Pokhara there. Then we have to go to the petrol pump house there. We had arrived at the home there. We had taking bath over the outside on the ground floor there. The water was coming there. Even I take first to wash the bath shower over there. Then the father will be doing over there. 

At evening time there not light over into home due to some of the problem will be creating over this place into our area there. Even I call the NEA office near into the place side there. Even they will be said there is not coming the light into your home tomorrow will come into your home there. Then I will be sleeping in the bedroom there. This was ended in the My Saturday blog Story Part 54 under this Saturday days to spend as busy days will happen to spend over there. 

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