Why father didn't getting satisfy with me

Why father didn’t getting satisfy with me there is some reason behind under the father and me. Because there is certain area of point were we have meet with them to know it. Some of case they have Use other words while they have making their distant to improve their service to upgrade this things there. While I feels make angry mood that father will be make continuing speak that things repeat there.

Some of kind of things were didn’t like that father when I were getting a plan to move anywhere else he will be make fail down we can’t go immediately later we will be move on that place that he said like this. When I want to that certain clothes immediately he will said to me we will be take another next day to purchase this item from there own relative shop market to bring that. Under that time I feels much more lonely to see happen into my life.

Yes, I am educated person who’s father give to teach up the collages time to study class over there. Then I will be make learn somethings new under there. Even i have been learn somethings new to getting reach to meet it there. Some of case we are unable to getting satisfied with them. Some of words were make me remember into my life time.

When I were explain under the past time with the father isn’t good for us to control the family happyness with the son and daughters their fulfilled dreams to succeed on it. Each and every he will doing the break over there. When I purchased some item they will make irritating with me there. After arriving at home. Then why I will be buy bring this item to buy this one. Then I never speak while meet with the father working together to give them.

I am not happy with the festival and other purpose because there is no more member will be visited into my home. Even the childhood period I feels sadness will be create while the father will shouted over the loud speaker toucher with son and daughter during the festival time. Under the button of my heart I really think that why my festivals isn’t bring to me Happy one.

Some of part he will be talk with us there. But he didn’t miss it out and they didn’t care own son to make reach and feedback to listen with own sin feels to understood there. But he never give me Satisfy with me and with my lifestyle of working under it there to know. Even i were think too much things to bring it out but why I can to doing such kind of think to create to slove there.

Why father didn’t getting satisfy with me the reason we’re already mention under the mention paragraph while happen under this days will be created this one. While make to satisfy with alone things there is lot of question will be asking into the Brain to think this. We need make think a short time period to create this one.

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