After Bhadra Month Heavy Rainfall Continue in Pokhara 2021

After Bhadra Month Heavy Rainfall Continue in Pokhara 2021 while the morning time it will be heavy rainfall will be reacted to see this way to know. Since our place is from the Bagar area, there is plenty of rainfall will happen under this place to move on it. Since the people will be waiting for this moment under this one. But the morning it might be distributed to other working outside place from home.

I will be Watch out this day for moring time rainfall in Pokhara as well as evening time also happen to see this react of weather will be made automatically chance to see there. Even there might destroy the rice plants land into the different place of Pokhara side. During this month it will be growing their rice to see there. There is no need for water into the land for there. When this will happen to continue we cannot be said this way.

During the rainfall, some of the people will be on the aware side of the river which they have their own house over to lives there. That person will not sleep at night time over there. If the river will be increased into that place area. After the Naga Panchami, the rainfall will be making regular coming the rain will be started there. Today we have to go from the place of Bhimad due to moring rainfall we have been stopped for this.

Even the person who will be waiting for us to know to check them there. Today we will be met under this place to moves on there. Even we are waiting for this moment to see this one. Now the people will be waiting for us to know Them. Even in that area, people haven’t take pure water drinking into their home there. That group of communities has made this one.

I cannot believe under this morning with the big rainfall in our place area this happens to see there. We didn’t need like this rainfall happen our place to see there. But the people will be followed to see this rainfall into the system to maintenance to share this news from their website. Even I will make an update to the user right now it will make continued rainfall will be seen into there.

After Bhadra Month Heavy Rainfall Continue in Pokhara 2021, where there is cool in the morning but it will make unable to make working under the field visit with another place to move on going there. Since the people will be doing wait to stop the rainfall from there. During this time we are unable to move anywhere to there.


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