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Srijal Rice Mill in Rastra bank chowk in Pokhara

Srijal Rice Mill in Rastra bank chowk in Pokhara a few days ago we have arrived under this place to moving under this place over there. There is a big problem that will happen under this place of Disk Mill over there. Since he will be doing this change this mill problem after the 10 years I have been seen this place I will see there. When have bring the part of an item over this one? Since the people will be waiting with us there. Since that person will be live under the place of Arbavijaya place his previous home there. 

We went to this mill to work. It was very hot because of the heat. We had to work. I had opened the basil and my hands were sore. We also have a big opinion that this is a problem. Due to its size, we had a lot of work to do. We also went to that place during working hours. In the work we did, he also stayed here by himself and brought us tea. And here the people went to the store to get their belongings. We also took the whole thing. And that’s the same thing we have to go to that store again.

I went to my workshop with that stuff and left and I had to go to that place again. He went again and showed it and brought it. And there was a lot of work in this mill. And I also said that I will do Share in my blog. I have done this because I am completely free today. That’s what I did to make it work. On this day, we were busy with our work. One of the people was working on the phone and we went to his house to get the goods and went to the mill again to get the goods.

People have also gone to this mill. This mill has been here for a long time. We have to do this work and it happened at night and after we did our work we drove to this mill. There is a lot of work opinion. We have to go to our house. And we went to the mill at lunchtime. And the mill has a lot of problem opinions and that’s what we went to work on. Srijal Rice Mill in Rastra bank chowk in Pokhara will be fixing out this problem over there. 

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