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After 3 Month NEA Bill Reading in Pokhara

After 3 Month NEA Bill Reading in Pokhara it seems a very problem will be created in the place of Nepal. Due to Covid-19, there are unable to make them share the bills reading into the formal home to visiting there. Since due to some of the houses will make the Covid-19 case happen to under the place of Pokhara. Now it will be able to read the bills of NEA office teams will be reading the bills into the home.

Under our place of Simpani, we have read the Bills under every month 7th to 9th date they have been reading the NEA Bills will be reading person will be visiting our place. Since some of the users who aren’t paid the bills from the online then it will raise the budget will be created over there. Since we have taken the bills reading over there.

It will be updated by the system process under this place to move undergoes reading from the teams will be automatically updated under the online system they will be able to take bills to submit within 2 or 3 days to update there. Then we will be able to pay the bills of NEA bills from there. Even we have a lot of options for getting online transactions payments in Nepal.

I hope all of the people from the Pokhara will be receiving the bills over into their own homes. Hope you will be looking into there. He/she got the receive the bills of NEA into their home. We are waiting for this month every month will take bills payment with each and every month we have taken bills over there. This is the bill reading from Shrawan month. Within 3 months bills will be coming into our bills will be created over there.

After 3 Month NEA Bill Reading in Pokhara since two months I ever check into the online transaction to pay the bills form there will be an update to see there then I will be paid for bills over. Even I haven’t been unable to take the bills over there. Some of the people will make a complaint about the case under the NEA office that much more bills will be created will be updated over there.

Once you will be might be checking out there. Then you will be paid the bills from your online transaction from there. Hope you will do to pay for these bills there. If your bills will be coming on Yesterday then you wait for 2 days back then s system will be updated over there. Then you make a payment from there.

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