Hatiyara Village of Bhimad in Tanahu

Hatiyara Village of Bhimad in Tanahu we are moving from the place from the Pokhara to that place with the scooter ride further working this place there. While the morning time our place of Pokhara will make rainfall over there. Since the people will follow the remain over under the roadside there. Since we have taken a machine part to put the infornt of scooter side there. We have visited the two machinery part shop to bring the part to collect to bring from there.

After 10 am we have arrived at this place to move on working with the place of Rice Mill house there. The owner of people will be staying with the home they have waiting with us there. While we have arrived in the place of Bhimad place that person will be called with father’s phone number there. Even the father will be requesting to coming into the Bhimad place to coming their bring that part yourself going own vehicle there. 

There is a difficult road that will be facing it out while making the slow drive with the scooter ride over there. Even the people will be live under this place while during this hot season over there. There is a high range of sun will raise into that place over there. Finally, we had arrived at that place there. Since a few machinery items, we have been checking into there. Then we have taken a launch break over that house over there. 

We were staying the raincoat input the Scooter side there. For a few minutes, it will make the rainfall over that place with slow rainfall over there. But whole days we have faced it out hot while day we have spent this working this place there. We have replaced the part of Disk Mill input item and event the father will be working into the Huskar to fixing into there. First, we have fixed into this place solve it them there. 

Then after we face the problem of Disk Mill back there. Even I have been working under to open that part from the machine side to open from there. Whole days we have been spending under this place to move on there. While we have spent to solve the problem over there. We have taken some breakfast over there evening time over there. Then we will be staying for few minutes of time over there. Then we have left it out this place from there. After the finish the work into this place  I take some video clicks to share my own youtube channel to see their village of the area to know them there. 

Hatiyara Village of Bhimad in Tanahu is a good and awesome place were located near the Bhimad place of Tanahu to traveling into this place to move on there. There are a little bit more facilities with the like city area to see there. Some of the people will be working in agriculture fields to make them there. Hope you will be visiting under this place move on there. Hope you will be travel to this place move on there. Today I have been visiting this move on there. 

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