Telecom has to provide free call and free internet service in Nepal

Telecom has to provide free call and free internet service in Nepal Even at such times, telecoms have to provide free services to other landslide victims. At this time, people are trying to survive because when people take donors and put them on the internet, a lot of money is lost. Telecoms are required to provide this service for free. Not that it should be given for free, but if it is in such a place, then it should be given only to the people. But not all Nepali’s use their Wifi. Many people also use the internet and mobile phones from their SIMs. We also get news from Call Voice from anywhere.

The reason I am talking about this is that we know what is going on in other places, what is happening in other places, and other people also get news of the service from that place. Many people are not even asleep, but they are not even awake when it rains. The water is raining heavily on us. After a while, it leaves and after a while, it starts raining again.

Our country also has telecom services. People from Telecom also carry other people’s news. People who go can work by spending their money, but summer people don’t seem to be able to do it. But even here, all the running and internet is free at this time. You may specify a time when it is free. After that time, you have to give notification as to how much money you have.

Our country has telecom names like Ncell, Ntc, and Smart Cells. We have access to the internet from the 4G service because the place where people live can be reported from the internet. We all Nepalis too. This company has to do a lot of work for people on the Internet. Nowadays, the value of the internet to people is much higher. There is a lot more to internet services now than ever before because of the reason I just wrote that it should be free.

This is something that the people of the company have to do themselves. How much money do others spend? This is the time when other people have to work together. If you cooperate, it is also a good thing to save others. Telecom has to provide free call and free internet service in Nepal all service whole Nepali during at this time. They will be listening out to make them announce make free calls and free data for unlimited they have used for shortening the period of time they have used this service from different company networks in Nepal.

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