Why don't people sleep at night

Why don’t people sleep at night Why do people sleep during the day? It happened to me last night. The door is open but people are sleeping in the bed. But people in sleep say that you have dreamed in your sleep. It means that you have fallen asleep in that dream, but people do not sleep at any time. Even opium should not be wasted on sleep deprivation. In any case, you have to make yourself sleepy.

Now I can watch videos on my YouTube but I can’t even sleep. The reason why I slept for a while yesterday and slept for a long time may be the reason why I didn’t feel sleepy. In sleep, people play with things in their brains. You are the only one among the people who thinks alone. But people don’t even know it. There are other things people do at night. It may even be a matter of some work between you.

Sometimes people do it according to what they have done. The people who do that are still doing a lot of work. There are a lot of things that people can’t sleep about. Insomnia means that a person has a lot of tension and sleeps during the day. People should never take tension at bedtime. You don’t even feel sleepy after taking Tenzion. You can do your job easily and you can sleep. Do it for a good cause. You may feel sleepy. 

Why don’t people sleep at night they have remembered that past life which happens in your daily life to feels take with unwanted words to you there today. So he/she will be remembered into their brain that what he/she didn’t sleep it well on the night time. 

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