Top 11 Vote Code list of Comedy Champion Season 2

Top 11 Vote Code list of Comedy Champion Season 2, you can able to vote from the Digital payment partner from Prabhu Pay Apps which the audience will be able to vote them to choose their vote there. This season we have a voting partner with Prabhu Pay with contestants of will be able to see their voting code list over there. Here we have to find the Top 11 Contestant finding up to date. Here mention the table I have showing the name and vote code list check it out there. 

Top 11 Vote Code of Comedy Champion Season 2 

Contestant Name  Voting Code
1. Bharat Mani Paudel 03
2. Bikash Aryal 05
3. Bkey Agarwal 07
4. Darpan Sharma 08
5. Hikmat Mahara 09
6. Kailash Karki 10
7. Pawan Bhattarai 12
8. Santosh Thapa 17
9. Shreya Subedi 18
10. Sundar Khanal 21
11. Sushant Basyal 22

Under this mention table, we have to find out the name and vote code number to easily vote with your favorite contestant there. Here we have to check out the top 11 vote code list of comedy champion season 2 under this episode. Even I also able to pervious type of which the people can easily to get the right way to see details more there. These are contestants were point out as the real comedy champion into this season to run in the top 11 positions. 

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