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Moharpani make a newly added Publish place 

Moharpani make a newly added Publish place

Moharpani make a newly added Publish place in Arbavijaya of ward 13 which the been shiting a publish will be staying for waiting for the bus and another purpose to use this. This is also a social work which the people will be making this one. They have discussed to make within a society people around to make this one. Since they also ask the people to help to donate for this one. There are teams that will be made to discuss this making this work they have decided over there. For a long time, it has been working on this one. 

This is what all people do. And people can set up meetings and have discussions. And some things can be done. And the villagers have done it together. Who has not helped Kashi? This is not the case. And people put it on and started this work. What happens at work is very different from what we do. Today I have done this at a time when I am working on it. It’s not done for work. This is all done for the village. Someone has even given money himself.

It is also said that it is possible to bury in such work. There are also great people in that place and they have to do their job. You have to do it yourself. After doing this, the people can eat by sitting and the people can also eat. And you can give your goofs even after settling people. This summer, the cold ones have also come together. It is close to the village.

This is ahead of my news. Because of this, I have also been able to post on my blog. You can do anything on your own blog. We must also look at this work. It is also easy to speak for later. Later, we can also talk to others about this.

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