Making Teen with Iron on Arbavijaya in Pokhara

Making Teen with Iron on Arbavijaya in Pokhara

Making Teen with Iron-on Arbavijaya in Pokhara they have worked since last Saturday to starting for working into this place. This is the social work which the people will be doing this one. Even all of who live on Arbavijaya place they have used as well as other new people can use this one. This is a public area they have made this for them. Since it is two-person were doing working to make this one. Even I also to see this one while people working or not. Firstly they have made one meeting to ask for doing this one. 

This is the place to work. And I also lost it by settling on the day. And other people went to their meetings saying they had work to do. That was the meeting of the work of the society and it is over. I didn’t even know whose mate it was. The people were all gone. This is the work of the society. After settling in the society, we have to look at this work. While doing this, other people also know these things.

I have brought a lamp from my house to make this forum. And the people who were teasing didn’t even know it. And today I know that I have gone to see this work. And you have to look at how people work. I have to look at what I know and learn what I don’t know. It is also the place where all people live. And also for those who do. It is also easier not to have a foothold nearby.

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