Forest meeting on Arbavijaya Today

Forest meeting on Arbavijaya Today

Forest meeting on Arbavijaya Today There was a meeting at this place today Ray and I also joined this meeting. There is also talk of what to do here. And the people were sitting in their place. People may not even know what happens to the forest. I have gone and lived. Gradually people also came from below and from above. And Adhichia also came and said her thing in the middle of everyone.

This was a meeting after dinner. He had to sign his name and sign in the meeting. And in this sign, we have done it in our school, we also know who the people came from. We also write our names. Today was the day. The meeting was very long and I took barley in the middle and left. After planting this barley, I went upstairs.

All these billionaires should know. And these things have to be understood by others as well. Others need to know that there is a meeting. Others say KK in their meetings. You can also speak your mind. After settling in the forest, you have to take care of the bones. We have to plant a tree in forest and keep it safe. But if some people have their home in Pokhara but in Arba, then they have to come to this meeting.

What was the work done in the meeting and what we are going to do now is also called in the meeting? And we have to bring the bones of the bones. Forest committees also have to work together after setting up six committees. You can do whatever you want. But it’s not just about the meeting, it’s about how to do it

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