Magh 3 Morning Foggy Weather in Pokhara

Magh 3 Morning Foggy Weather in Pokhara on January 16, 2021, into the location of Baglung Buspark which I capture this image from the mobile device. Since the morning time, there is a lot of people will be stand from the firewood with friends from the outside place. Since this is the high cold season will be effect by us. While I moving forward to Lakeside form to pick up the father there. There is too much cold on my body part while the winds flowing rapidly highly there. I slowly drive a scooter with the main highway road.

I have also gone to bed. And the roads were so cold that I didn’t even see each other’s clocks in the morning. And because of the clock, I only knew him, but I didn’t know him. And gradually we have gone to that place. And it was very cold. And because of the cold, I was too tired to drive. I took it to bed and went to work. And today it was very cold in the morning on the sidelines of Pokhara. And elsewhere it was very cold.
In such a cold, we have to eat hot things. And you have to wear hot things too. And not just by wearing. And you have to do it for your health. If there is a health problem, there is also a problem. And I wasn’t feeling well, as if I was going to get sick again, but I didn’t do anything. There is an opinion that it is difficult to go because of the cold. Why is it so cold? Colds make us sick. It has been very cold this year. We have to feed ourselves.
Looking at it like this in the morning and looking at it during the day. There is an opinion that many things will get better. He has also done well. Even in such cold weather, we carry our belongings here and there. You have to go to work. How to make a living if you don’t work? This is something to think about. It was very cold and cold in this place

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