Sunday 246 corona infections reported of Nepal

Sunday 246 corona infections reported of Nepal

Sunday 246 corona infections reported of Nepal In the last 24 hours, corona infection has been confirmed in 246 people across the country. Jageshwar Gautam has stated. Along with this, the number of corona infections in Nepal has reached 20,332. It will be crossed more and more day it will be a slow increase infected this virus on Nepal.

Similarly, in the last 24 hours, 111 people have recovered and returned home. At the same time, 14,603 people have been released from Corona. The number of deaths due to corona infection in Nepal is 57 so far. This is the report of Sunday till august 2, 2020 date. From the whole country of Nepal, it will be collecting this data report will be updated in the evening time.

Every day it will be talked into the media of government channel through. We must be seen on the report the date entry of those who have been effective this coronavirus from the Nepal side. Still, the people were moved from one place to another place. Even they haven’t care about this virus what it will be effected into your body part moment will be entered.

All of them were leaving near the hospital bedroom to fight against with virus at this time. You will stay safe and be careful while you can own them. There are people who will stay at the current time at home or hospital. Limited people will be tracking it out them.

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