210 New Cases Update From Nepal on Wednesday

210 New Cases Update From Nepal on Wednesday

210 New Cases Update From Nepal on Wednesday Among those infected are 14 from Kathmandu and one from Bhaktapur. At a regular press briefing on Wednesday, Health Ministry spokesperson Dr. Jageshwor Gautam said that 210 people, including 14 from Kathmandu, had been infected. Today Kathmandu’s place happened into this virus attack of COVID-19.

Of them, 226 are being treated in isolation in Province No. 1, 1,982 in Province No. 2, 483 in Bagmati Province, and 288 in Gandaki Province. Similarly, there are 401 in isolation in Province No. 5, 302 in Karnali, and 1,521 in Far Western Province. Gautam said.

This report will be update whole country of nepal side which the data will be collect name and amount of active cases will be update their system. As ministry of health department will be declared this situation to verify the active new cases from Nepal. Still the teams were tracking the amount of people were it struck way to checking those formal way those person.

PCR is the very fast and got result within in hour that person will get or not immediately will be seen their own report. As different place of zone they have been verify to share their negative and positive of case of Covid-19 to teams to verify with them. This is 19 thousand case of Covid-19 will be updated in Nepal. Rest of 14 thousand people were discharge from this virus.

Amount rest of 50 people were dead from Coronavirus which they are coming from India and foreign country. We are salaute with them. During this Time we know that person name and with their family to get sad moment to faced it. There is less amount of happen to see this cases in Nepal side to compare with another country report this virus.

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