Naga Panchami in Nepal 2077

Naga Panchami in Nepal 2077

Naga Panchami in Nepal 2077 it held during this Shrawan month today 10th day of it will become into this Naga Panchami. During this morning time all the people will be wake up then he/she will be bath at the riverside of the Seti River in the near place from your location. During this year there is a lot of rainfall reacted fall into the ground level.

From today there is no rainfall that will be happening there. During this Naga Panchami sometimes it might be rainfall that will happen to see it. But while we worship the puja with Naga Than. Before the worship, we need to clean around the place of Naga Than place there. Surround of the board it will be needed and clean it there. During this time all people will be made to puja over there own home.

All finish their own puja over there they can put the image of Naga into the in front the main door of the home. All of the items will be needed form to put an image of the photo makes inform the door of the home there. This year will be a great and nice memory moment which I have been share on my youtube channel there. Different from home people will be put their image of Naga to see there.

If you will be make puja in the Panchami time Naga will save you and you into your life. If naga will destroy your whole life will make unhealthy. Once a year we will take puja with Naga on Naga Panchami.

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