Today 2nd Floor Dalan was working

Today 2nd Floor Dalan was working

Today 2nd Floor Dalan was working after a long month it held it happen to do on it today. Some people were making lazy working on it. Some people still continued there working side of the new house Dalan in Nepal. In Nepal, we have to make a mixture of machinery to do everything to do it. Today Sharwan’s first day it will be held to make to 2nd-floor Dalan our home at ArbaVijaya-13, Pokhara.

Today was a good day in Nepal and it was very hot today and this is because of the heavy rains. And because of us, all the people came on time. It was raining in the morning. And because of the rain, there is an opinion that it will be very wet. In the morning, I was run over and tensed by the phone.

Father’s anger is very loud. Because of Father’s anger, I have also become angry. And maybe your hubby won’t be like that for later. And you also have your own thoughts. It was very sunny today. And because of the sun, people were too tired to work. And the sun has become very hot. Dolan’s teams do their own thing. Today is going to be a quick job. But even Chemant did not come to you. I was run over by Father.

After I started walking, he also started walking. And the people of Hardware are sending us. And it will be easier if you pay. It has rained like this today. It was a photo of him working

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