Happy Guru Purnima To You 2020

Happy Guru Purnima To You 2020

Happy Guru Purnima To You 2020 it will be held on every year on July 5. Gurun purnima is also known as Vyasa Purnima marks the birthday of Ved Vyasa. It is a spiritual tradition in Hindu culture dedicated to spiritual and academic Gurus, who are evolved or enlightened humans, ready to share their wisdom with very little or no monetary expectation, based on Karma Yoga.

According to the hindu people they have make a Guru while making any product or any things we can teach us that you makes you Guru. If the guru haven’t meet it you cannot make a Guru with them. Southern asia of India people they have made to celebrate as Festival. There is also be different type of Guru which you can follow up their with right track. Even I will be explain under my school life teacher story which I miss a memory of teacher told with us.

Some of time we need learn from Guru which you things can get knowledge from there. Guru is also the part of your life which it also be comes us. For machinical line we can Guru. Drive a car you have make Guru first. For teaching some knowledge we can make Guru. Different sector of strory will be added it more and more. As agriculture sector make it Guru to follow to correct on right track. From school life always telling to me. You are too much poor into your student always make bored feels it.

But when I have realised the mistake after leave a school then I feels my Guru isn’t as a worry person. They have making me good line to follow to move into your upcoming feature life. As school students will also be suprise with their teacher today. But during this time we have postal it out social media side to wishes to her/her Guru Purnima. As I remember it while teaching told what is the day student today is your Guru Purnima.

As barmine cast while make their own culture languages to teach with Guru they have make it celebrate with Guru Purnima. During this Covid-19 they have unable to meet with them. Even they have call with social media link or direct call with Guru this year I haven’t give anythings for you. Next year I will be come it and bless from your side. Today also mood is full Purnima into the sky. It can celebrate on Ashar Month on Nepali calendar.

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