Today I feel much more Tried

Today I feel much more Tried

Today I feel much more Tried with the working with the father going at Nadanda place of Kaski place. When we move from the forest area with a clean roadside to move that place again. When I come back to Pokhara and go back again that place which the new working problem of machinery fields line. During this lockdown period of Covid-19, we have a problem to goes on that mention place to visit it there. While riding a scooter with me and father were going on the same scooter to return on Pokhara and go back on that mention place.

We have open the part of machinery of Pulisar of rice mill with grandfather home. All the parts were open on it there. He got a problem over that machinery he needs to change Bayern to change it there. Some of part was going to Pokhara place to bring it there. But today is Saturday there is no market cannot be open it there. We have near the place of the bus park on the Pokhara highway side it will be open in the afternoon time on Saturday.

Even we moving firstly on the workshop to fixed to set that machinery body over there. We move into our own home some part will be putting infornt of a scooter with the leg stand over infornt there. We have to take breakfast coming back own. We can take bread to eat on breakfast over with family members there. There is much more long drive into that same road and same place. Feel too much tired on. I need to more rest underlying into the bedroom.

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