Why the Coronavirus disease Cannot be Stop

Why the Coronavirus disease Cannot be Stop

Why the Coronavirus disease Cannot be Stop because the people haven’t made control as yourself and other people violent the rule and regular to follow this Pandemic of Covid-19. Why China country cannot stop maintaining the whole country as to make them control cannot go outside to move here and there.

If China country were to come to this virus to see on Last December 2019 the government should be made lockdown whole border side and airport also be lockdown. Then it will be easy to control the country. But now they haven’t anymore happened to spread increase whole over the world. Some of the cases of people need to be travel, join their business program invitation and others should be going to move on it.

Restricted Area of the place of having to make lockdown but the people can move here and there from the main place to back toward their own home as the government has already mentioned it. Even I see developed countries like Japan, China, the USA, And Europe they can make vaccines or medicine to save people’s life. Even the second of the time was listen to people’s death rate and Corona Causes have seen it. All of scientist technologic were making this vaccine or medicine to make slove it.

Under my viewpoint to said to all Corona isn’t a small disease because it cause suffering from Fever, Headche, Common Cold, Throw Neck Etc These activities were suffering to start into your body part to make develop have seen as Coronavirus For you and Other people. WHO has declared about cause and effect to control. But WHO making Vaccine more than month past it out. We need to stop this Corona forever moment.

All of developing make a discussion then make it as soon as possible to bring vaccines and try to control the amount of country to the country itself. China has already control but the rest of the country still facing it out unable to control itself. Over thousand Death recovered And Case was updated in a Minutes. Please I request those countries make it Vaccine. Don’t play a role as political Way to think this Virus. We need to make Medicine and try to save the life of People.

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