Remittances halved after Corona's impact

Remittances halved after Corona’s impact

Remittances halved after Corona’s impact About 75.48 billion remittances have been received from last April to mid-April.  Of the Rs 5.10 billion received in March last year, only Rs 1.60 billion has been received in April. According to the bank

Banks and financial institutions have collected Rs 83 billion in deposits and invested Rs 22 billion in loans during the period from April to April last year. The Remittances were totally decrease during this whole nation were close as a lockdown effect of whose people didn’t send us money from own home.

According to the central bank, out of the total export of Rs 7.16 billion from April to April, import has been Rs 190 million. In the corresponding period of the previous year, exports stood at Rs. 7.31 billion and imports at Rs. 229.03 billion.

There is a lost of decrease infect of Nepal country which the people will increase the number of banks will increase into their bank. There is no interest happen to see on Bank there is less amount of people will bring money for deposits from a whole nation of the country. Since gulf country those who go work for a country to send money from Nepal side.

Some of the people haven’t money for using to save their life during the bank will be close every day it will increase most of the people were working during this lockdown. Whole nation Remittances goes loss to seen of last month as well as today date also.

We used to have money and the bank was open and easy and the money was in the bank. And businesses are not running. There is not much money in the bank. And there are a lot of bank staff who don’t work and those who work go to work in the bank because they feel their corona. And for the same reason, remittances have incurred huge losses


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