First successful corona vaccine trial in China

First successful corona vaccine trial in China

First successful corona vaccine trial in China In the first phase, the effects of the vaccine were studied for 28 days. Tests have shown that the vaccine is safe and can develop resistance in humans to fight the coronavirus. No serious response was reported during the trial. The second phase of the vaccine will be tested on 508 people.

The vaccine was developed by researchers working in various laboratories in China. It was led by Chen Wei, a professor at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Still, teams were long for the journey to testing their lap test for a human being.

This is the first step which china company will solve this problem whose starting from China country of Coronavirus. People were checking it out the week for a person to make a vaccine process to success on it. Last Friday the results published in the scientific research journal Lancet, the first phase of human testing of this vaccine made by a Chinese company has shown positive results.

China has done what it can to save the country. Now there is hope that something new will be done in the country and you have also seen it. This is also good news for all Nepali. Because of this corona, our lives have been ruined. Now the people of China are working for Corona and the people were also checked.

Birds are also demanded by other countries. And we Nepalis will also be sent, now it will come to the rescue, maybe it has already been suggested. This is good news for everyone. And if you hear the news, you will still be happy.


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