Corona infection in another 30 people in Nepal

Corona infection in another 30 people in Nepal

Corona infection in another 30 people in Nepalo

Corona infection in another 30 people in Nepal in friday moring will be update from ministry of health has been update this news. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Population, tests in Kathmandu and Chitwan confirmed the new infection.Now the number of confirmed infections has reached 487.

Now it will be increase a number of person will be update in Nepal. It will be increase number of people. What happen goes in Nepal also too. I feel so sad for me. Now it will be increase on it. Some of people have infection on there. Slow it will be report on Moring times.

Its has been update from today moring of May 22, 2020 has been clear from ministry health has confirmed this update report for all people. I has been found it dangerous zone place will be report on it. Its cannot be stop this virus it will be increase number. Because fo government has control this virus. Rest of people were lives on stay at home.

Government has target thos person who going for move one place to another to check the formal person. If they have mistake with unwanted activities it will be control police will theif of key. Due to coronavirus increase Nepal. Police will make a duty to control the people mask moment of gather in main chowk area side.

Still continue will be increase the virus in Nepal. Still teams were working for targets people who infection this virus they are track those people further checking into their nearest hospital. They have health were normal way to seen it. Hope it will be continue increase. Even people stay on home hospital. Hope you can keep share this virus in Nepal.

Corona infection is another 30 people in Nepal has been update Friday Moring.

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