Coronavirus infected in the US exceeds seven million

Coronavirus infected in the US exceeds seven million

Coronavirus infected in the US exceeds seven million there is a number of cases and the death rate will be increase day by day. Even the US president wouldn’t able to control their own people over. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, so far in the United States, coronary virus infection has been confirmed in 700,282 people. The United States, which has been the most affected by the virus emanating from Wuhan, China, has so far killed nearly 37000 people in the United States.

Within 24hour it will be a rapid number of people were death rate will increase it. Even this coronavirus cannot be controlled. The government should be mention to make a lockdown to the whole border area side also. Still, the government will close this rule who other country had said to trump from china president make him notice under these cases.

This would be easier if realizing it was already controlled. And you have to, too. But the government is open all over the place unless another virus is said on it. Now what happens in the US is the sign of More. Still, it has not worked. It would have been easier to do it if people were sitting at home. In my opinion, the Year would not have been a big deal in the US if the government had tried it.

I didn’t do much of that in the next post but still have no control. And it is also in the hands of the government and it is better to live in people’s houses. People are moving everywhere. When the people of Lokkdov are killed, the government of the United States is dead. This virus has come into the cannon all over the country

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