30 people infected with coronavirus in Nepal

30 people infected with coronavirus in Nepal

30 people infected with coronavirus in Nepal today April 17, 2020, which broadcasting of Bikash devkota announce of coronavirus today date update for all. 12 people were confirmed to have infected in Udaipur and two in Chitwanď. In 12 people some of them had Indian people involve it there. According to two people from Chitwan Ratri district ward, 9 mothers and daughter have got a positive for test kits of coronavirus.

Now its total of 30 cases will happen to see in Nepal. Now the government must be control with whole those who have transferred to ship from one place to another place move with a walk with the leg with a different group. Even they haven’t known a social distant to follow the rule. Under our border area were free to enter in Nepal which police will be hard on-duty time.

If the government will check it out hard rule not to go for here and there a place to shift it. Nowadays we need to rapid test the whole part of the country. Still, the people be alot further checking these cases in the nearest hospital which government will already discuss on it. Team member of checkup should be added it more and more for furthermore people in a day. How fast it will be seen a daily 14 people case of coronavirus in Nepal.

Even the people of government will be lotto safe for it. But he had made it announced to take care of the patient in the hospital. Let’s see what happen to see on near upcoming day to share with to you here. This makes us alot notify to all person in the world. I will be praying for no one cases happens to listen to it. The doctor will give from my side to salute and respect with him/her. Now Nepal wants to lot notify to attack coronavirus.

Only people have effect from disease only not for the dead. There are no cases to happen to see in the village area. We need to stay at home and fight against virus stay on quarantine time at home. Rest of people are on hospital further some week to stay there. I just mention only to share with to you. But at the time we haven’t share it out for you. This one of shocking news for whole Nepali people.

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