Government launches online shopping

Government launches online shopping

The government launches online shopping for the first time, delivery free The food service and trade company under the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies started this service on Wednesday. According to the company, customers can buy rice, lentils, grapefruit, paper, index stoves online through online. Foods ordered online will be made available within two days, the company said.

There are many companies on-line services, but the same company loses its business. And this market is good for the Nepalese people from a seat, but there are many similar people in the online shop, who have come up with the same photo. I’ve also seen an online shop in Nepal. But everything that the government does is not good. And you might have even said goodbye to the online shop. But I’ve also been involved with the online shop.

What do you think about it? And feel free to comment below and so do you. This company may be doing well. And Bad Buddy also has to do well in his service. Similar things happen to people. And you must do the same. And you probably did too. I have also had to buy it.

Free Delivery, however, does not mean that party people are unprofitable. According to the government, if the company has done a folio, it will be easier too. People may also be satirical. And you might want to take a look. Now a new work has started in Nepal. Once you can check it out this link to more info there

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