My Saturday blog Story Part 10

My Saturday blog Story Part 10

My Saturday blog Story Part 10 which I wake up from early at 6am at a moring time which I take wash face into outside on downflow of my home. Then I take some water to drink it there. After then I take a cup of tea over it there. Then I found an error for login from wifi and able to log in from mobile data I’m really shocked about this error to happen into my life even I’m trying to call to hosting a company person he didn’t receive of mine.

I wake already in the morning at 3am at night time I checking out trump has been doing on speech over there then I try to share post toward under my website to update that person they will know it well for it. Then I finish those mention which trump said about the coronavirus to effect to comment with people will be asked in a live chat on youtube I have been watching it out. Then I finish that post to share it into my website through then I sleep it. After wake up from early in the morning time.

After 10am we had taken a launch time with family member them. We take a rest over a minute with there. Then I come back towards my own room to check it out there. Then I try to watch tv always to said only coronavirus and lockdown happen to see there. Feels too much the bored the whole day. The whole day I spent it there. Then in the evening a there little bit of rainfall outside from home.

I share a story under my Instagram tab to share those who are seen there to know it there. Their heavy winds flow outside from home during rainfall time in the evening time. In the evening it saw a watch tv over it there. That my Saturday has been story part 10 will be ended it here

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