Top 5 news channel in India

Top 5 news channel in India

Top 5 news channel in India which people want to know there. Some people will be watching it out their channel on Tv which will know the news portal as lives over it there. As I share only India news channel to share for you here mentioned it below. People may find it easier to navigate the nevus channels. But the news is a must-watch. All we have been plaguing the country due to viruses. In India, True Real News. I’ll see you do the mansion too. Given the channel below, I talk about a lot of people in India.

Top 5 news channel in India

1.Zee News

2.NDTV India

3.Aaj Tak

4.ABP News

5.India TV

This is I were mention for you which you easily search into your channel operation to watch it there. There is a different company they have provided a free service to all customers. This news channel was finding out the latest news of India which people are following around the Indian country only. This top 5 news channel in India which best for using to watch it.

I hope you will find it out and keep watch this news channel as official truth news happen to looks their. As we have to face a virus worldwide. All reported of different they can try to share a lives video into their channel throw. They have salute from my side which he/she can work hard as a tv journalist on the news channel.

If any true news channel will be added lets me know comment from India people who have to watch it daily to see it. Keep share this article to mention to your friends also too.

During Lockdown Farmer’s effect on the milk

During Lockdown Farmer’s effect on the milk

During Lockdown Farmer’s effect on the milk in Nepal, it has been effective while they daily earn money to share into the market. There is a lot of people who have invested money on the farm to run their own business. It goes down while they have no item of food of cow to make milk to service to all people of Nepali in the city area. As I saw on Youtube video and news on the tv which they have told to share problems with the government also too.

People have tried to quit their jobs for milk. And there has been hail in our city, farmers have also been harassed due to milk. The milk has to be washed away. Hearing such pain, difficult is of the opinion. People have also given up their jobs. It’s also sad when I look at other places. Selling milk is also expected to be bad. It is a matter for the government to take this matter seriously.

Milk is something we should eat wholeheartedly daily. In other places, it is also the same, but it is very difficult for people to eat food while sitting. Such things have not really gone away. You may have to go to the place where the milk is delivered. In Nepal, this has happened to farmers. This is the case in our country. And it may be so in the land of your lord.

Much money has been wasted on how much money the farmer has lost. We are the thing. However, the government has to do the same for others. But not just one man but all the people have been bad. But due to the virus, there has been hail in many countries.


YouTube bringing tick-tock-like apps

YouTube bringing tick-tock-like apps

YouTube bringing tick-tock-like apps is expected to be made public by the end of the year. It will be available on the YouTube application. Users will be able to upload short videos in ‘Shirts’. This is said to be a feed. It also allows users to use YouTube’s catalog of music. Whose license is with YouTube. There is a decrease rate in youtube which people were going towards on the TikTok side which they have awesome features to see there.

Most YouTubers will go to TikTok’s side to refresh and make a funny and serious video to share into as youtube channel also too. The company of google will share it out article into their website of the official page which all YouTubers will be mention to announce to the viewer they will know it well for it.  Some of the few big YouTubers of Indian have shared a video with us. Then I read it out news portal side they also be mention this article to share those people.

If google company will be launching it out like a TikTok user will become back towards on there. This app’s name also mentions it there. It will be coming up at the end of this year. This app’s name is Youtube Shorts which YouTubers have been telling us. Some of the YouTubers will be happy to see this moment they will be back on it. For a few years, TikTok will launch it as national this is for whole international people can using it.

I hope this message of the article should be mention for all viewer or user those who follow up me under this website to know it here. Hope you will be happy to see such a great and awesome apps will be launch by google teams. If they have made like youtube monetization users will become again to join this app to make earn money from online also too.


White House Holds CoronaVirus Briefing

White House Holds CoronaVirus Briefing

White House Holds CoronaVirus Briefing today with US Predistant talking about to with people over it there. They can talk about their people whole country in the world. They can connect with people over it there. Even today NBC News has been making Live into a Youtube channel even watch it out. Trump tromp was talking in life with people’s comments.

Some of the people while talking as a short speech about this. One by one he talks with the comment of people. He points out those people also talk there. I like such people who ask for the life style and this facing a problem to trump there. He said its really free all people who are living in the US. He tries to clear those people to explain it verifies them. He talks about how to save life and sick with death people in the UK to know it.

Nobody said the doctor to save to do it. Nobody can need help from another country as well on it. He is trying to know it there. While the house is the place of the US which whole people make speech over it there. Talking with a whole mass of people over it there. Many of the money US states of the republic we didn’t know about the European money on it. We are still working to search under these cases to the problem to slove it.

The critical problem happens on their US job office due to the effect of people facing it. Whole American people trying to solve under these people to control it. They can control it there. As I will be mention to you here link it below to know it. Still lives goes on it. We need to save our life to control it well about this virus. We can be distant from social distant of community to save a life. Some of the mention point it out not able to gives a answer from trump to see it.

You can use any money to invest in European at this time. You can save money it limits way. They are also talking about money also too. As Trump said this is the big problem!! Big problem!! The US will help all over the country. Some states may be trouble to the problem. We don’t wear mask some people ask this question to trump he said we don’t need to take a mask on it. They have to protect to medical health to distant