Getting ready for rainfall In Pokhara Today

Getting ready for rainfall In Pokhara Today

Getting ready for rainfall In Pokhara Today which in the afternoon time. Even I see outside there is cover by cloudy into the sky. Rainfall for trying on it. They have begun for rainfall for a long time. Yesterday a little bit of rain has seen it there. But now it big heavy rainfall in Pokhara. Still, I’m waiting to see this rainfall here. Still, I’m shit an own room to look for windows to see it.

Many times long it has an effect to see it. People are worried about rainfall in Pokhara on here. I’m trying to see it there. If possible I will be share to you here if possible to make a video on here. People have to wait to forsee a rain outside too. Now a little bit of rain has seen it. Rest of people feels warm due to hot happen to see in day time. We have made such a type of message to share with you here.

Wow, it’s amazing to see outside when I open my windows drop of water to see it. If the sound listened I feel relax to see it. I have slept in a bedroom to warm with clothes to enter there. I wait to see it more and more effect rainfall to flow of water happens on the roadside. When you feel and realized to rain into your life you must be thought into your make it fresh on it. Needs to create a blog to a news story to see it.

When I close my laptop I listen to a sound rainfall that happens in the sky of cover by black cloudy mood to see there. Just sleep in a bed for think to create moment to creative idea remember to happen into my brain then I will try to make to share with you here. But sometimes feels to asleep to relax much more in the bedroom. As night its happen I will really happy to see it. Cover by black cloudy happens in the sky I want to play on rain outside but its effect on your health also too.

Started already rainfall in Pokhara you can see outside from your home. Feels to enjoy a moment there. Keep a good smile and happy to enjoy seeing eye from there. Still, more affect rain was falling in the ground there. Let’s see what reaction will result after a stop to see it.

Have you test your internet speed on Lockdown

Have you test your internet speed on Lockdown

Have you test your internet speed on Lockdown into your home which you stay at home for this time. Have you test your internet speed into your mobile device which speed did you paid for internet company service to connected into your home. Since Nepal has been lockdown for one week ago still they have made it lockdown up to April 7. Even I raise a question to a ticket from the apps store of the company through share a problem there.

The agent was unable to go to pole to check it out fiber maintenance to checking for the internet to replace it. The low-speed test has been seen I have to check it out there. But the company was already close up. World wide people having using internet from sim and wife into your home might feel as slow for working on your internet there.

You may have left the internet at home. You may have checked the speed test for Wifi. But I think the speed test is good in a bell at any time. Why not check the agent to get their work done. And the servers may also have been slow. People who work are not office.

It may be difficult to have an Internet slow at home, too When you open Youtube you may say why this is slow internet. If you have a slow, then maybe the guys are dark. It may be that people in the world are also slow to the server on the Internet. Such a company must be given separate work Otherwise, the internet is good for everyone. They are also taxing and why is it not for me?

Lets people comment to share your post into your comment box. Let me know it what happens into your home wifi internet speed there.  I hope you will make sure to share it with us here on it.

Happy Chaitra Dashain 2076 To You All

Happy Chaitra Dashain 2076 To You All

Happy Chaitra Dashain 2076 To You All those who celebrate this festival for Hindu people in Nepal. According to End of the month, there is also one festival that has seen it under this Chaitra month. Some people worship with god and goddess with near own home. Some of the people were going to the nearest temple to worship with god. People have to bring meat with shop at the near location to buy it.

The rest of the people were staying own home to celebrate them. But I don’t know what happens we have done it there. During this Dashain, we have eaten a food item with the family to go for any place of celebrating it. Today is Chaitra Dashain into our Nepal because during this time we haven’t celebrate this festival to going outside home to visit there.

We need to stay at home with celebrating with family members only there. If they have happened doing this festival I will try to mention too much better on it here. But I don’t what happen to do people during this festival as religious factors to explain to you here. I shower at a moring time to worship with god there.

Be safe and stay at the home today year of 2076 people want to need to fight against disease on it. Happy Chaitra Dashain 2076 to you all. Keep safe enjoy with your family and let’s share your article with hashtag Chaitra Dashain 2076 on the social media side. I hope you will try to share your article with the hashtag as trending to share with me there.

Happy April Fools Day To You All

Happy April Fools Day To You All

Happy April Fools Day To You All which a day of first the people have fun and posted to wishes to them all on social media side also too. April 1st day people have making funny with other person he/she can be trust it. But they haven’t know it today is the april 1st day of month so that they will be confused on it. Basis of european people have making to fun with friends to message on them.

Jokesters often expose their actions by shouting “April fools” at the recipient. Mass media can be involved in these pranks, which may be revealed as such the following day. Some of people were make it prank with other friends also. For outside place they have try to make video shoot to prank with unknown those walk alone on road side. They haven’t know today is april first day.

I would be share some mention under this April. This below ” All International and national lockdown has been open it now. You can work into your office and going somewhere else to do it. Coronavirus has been control it already.” This is some prank to all my viewer friends those who seen this post there. That mention for all which they can be trust it out there so that why. People will be trust it out there. Some of people want to stop this virus as well it.

April 1st day you can make enjoy with friends from spending a message to all who look into your message on there. Some of the people has been posted it out their own social media side also too. Special nepali people makes a prank and suprised with the friends by giving a gift him/her on frist day of April. Fools means you can make funny and stupid things make video to sent friends.

Hope your april first make unable to enjoy it there because of coronavirus they have been stop it out. But anyway i would be request to all friends Happy April Fools day to all which you celebrated it every year also too. This year can be bad memory have facing into your life spread of virus attack whole country. Keep stay safe and stay at home. Hope your first april will be good and wonderful day ahead.