One Day 738 people dead coronavirus in Spain

One Day 738 people dead coronavirus in Spain

One Day 738 people dead coronavirus in Spain reached beyond China, where the epidemic originated. The capital of Madrid is the most affected area in Spain. Up to 3434 people were dead Spain’s health ministry confirmed Wednesday. The minimum people will be 24 hours will be the dead report will be updating it. I would request those people please try to pray for them on it.

What happens goes to Spain’s country nowadays day by day it will be an increasing number of dead people who have listened to this news. I was also saddened to hear this, but even the sickest one has been checked in for the check-up check hospital. However, some claims were not made for that reason in Spain. Now where is the country from? From China, it has been everywhere. Now our country has entered Nepal, the country has come to other countries Nepalese have come to the airport in Nepal. Everything about us is gone.

If this were to happen in the country, it would be bad for everyone. And the country has taken another turn. And big countries have to think about S. And help, too. But the disease causes the country to become worse. In the Catalonia region, including the tourist city of Barcelona, ​​there have been found 736 infected. So far 916 people have died due to Covid-29.

If this happens then it is still bigger but who is to do it now. The government may also have thought of that, but why not. Now this country has also come to Numbers. Coronavirus has come. In one day, many people have died.

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