Pray for Italy For Coronavirus

Pray for Italy For Coronavirus

Pray for Italy For Coronavirus

Pray for Italy For Coronavirus due to starting from china city it run effect to enter the Italy country. Most of people high number were death day by day to listen it there.v All of doctor were also be check those people to make emergency cases of coronavirus. We needs to safe and pray for Italy country. We have pray for god for to stop it.

Number first i have been mention of china people of death rate increase and cases happen there. Some of people have also be recovered from this disease. I want to stop those things happen this virus to ended. If the people have stop it. It will be long process to make to handle all cases within a minutes of second they have handle it.

Italy also located as European country below too. People were death day by day to listen in news channel program from live tv on youtube and tv. You can see a mention people cases and death and recovered from this disease. During a winter season it rip to transfer one person to another person also. Its bring look like a common cold have to effect it first step. If this continue have to see it 2week you should be check-up for your doctor also too.

I’m really sad to heart this news about people dying in Italy country. Please those who live on Italy you should keep stay safe and don’t outside from home. If there is any work happen then you will be going it. You can be wearing a mask while you going from outside there. Hundred of people were dead day by day to listen to it.

Guys please to pray for Italy country to against fight with coronavirus. We have the fight to sit our own home to remove this virus. I request to Italy government please try to lock down all place to maintenance for checking up people those who enter from foreign country people to enter there. God will be saved to control this disease as soon as possible.

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