The Decision to test Corona in Dharan Pokhara and Nepalgunj

The decision to test Corona in Dharan Pokhara and Nepalgunj

The decision to test Corona in Dharan, Pokhara, and Nepalgunj It will take a few days for this decision to take effect. The meeting of the High-Level Coordination Committee on Corona Prevention has decided to start the Covid 19 exam at the laboratory of VP Koirala Health Sciences Academy Dharan, Pokhara Health Sciences Academy Pokhara and Bheri Hospital Nepalgunj as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Health will arrange for the necessary test materials and training for this. They are trying to check up that mention immediately soon. The teams will be the decision to make a meet with them. They can be starting to test into mention areas of the city during this time. People were lives on home further better check for them.

If they have successful to test that city area it will be a better performance to know from the people. If anyone hasn’t an effect on under coronavirus test to happen to see it. It will be reported to note that a person who is in the nearest school. The government should do something about it. We also need to test and do better for ourselves. The government should test the time when people are not evacuated. You have to go and see the given city. And the government has to go to school and talk to people. Not a test anywhere.

The border goes to Side and people are checkered by the government. The government must learn to help China. And the test should be done at the spot. It would be easier if you did that. We have to be careful. People are happy to see this news to read it out. Most be to share it and keep stay safe.


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Pray for Italy For Coronavirus

Pray for Italy For Coronavirus

Pray for Italy For Coronavirus due to starting from china city it run effect to enter the Italy country. Most of people high number were death day by day to listen it there.v All of doctor were also be check those people to make emergency cases of coronavirus. We needs to safe and pray for Italy country. We have pray for god for to stop it.

Number first i have been mention of china people of death rate increase and cases happen there. Some of people have also be recovered from this disease. I want to stop those things happen this virus to ended. If the people have stop it. It will be long process to make to handle all cases within a minutes of second they have handle it.

Italy also located as European country below too. People were death day by day to listen in news channel program from live tv on youtube and tv. You can see a mention people cases and death and recovered from this disease. During a winter season it rip to transfer one person to another person also. Its bring look like a common cold have to effect it first step. If this continue have to see it 2week you should be check-up for your doctor also too.

I’m really sad to heart this news about people dying in Italy country. Please those who live on Italy you should keep stay safe and don’t outside from home. If there is any work happen then you will be going it. You can be wearing a mask while you going from outside there. Hundred of people were dead day by day to listen to it.

Guys please to pray for Italy country to against fight with coronavirus. We have the fight to sit our own home to remove this virus. I request to Italy government please try to lock down all place to maintenance for checking up people those who enter from foreign country people to enter there. God will be saved to control this disease as soon as possible.

From Today Nepal has Lockdown For one Week

From Today Nepal has Lockdown For one Week

From today Nepal has Lockdown For one Week which yesterday government has been announcing with media side. He has requested those people who want to stay safe from coronavirus to notice for all. As Nepal one of female comes from France she got a Coronavirus effect with his friends also come on Airline to come to Nepal.

As this has heard this news the government wants to stop running that vehicle and shop market whole area of Country has been lockdown it. Some parts of the place police will be seen on check into boarder side those who haven’t enter a person into Nepal. There is a big problem that has seen in the effect of coronavirus enter of Nepali person. As she studied going to a foreign country to study there.

Most of part of the country they have been stopping it. Now Nepal wants to stay safe to tired those people who cannot go anywhere from your home place for outside. Bank was also close to it. Some of the were open it. The hospital will be open 24hour to the treatment of people who effect from the disease for it. Those who made a house for new want they have a problem to bring material for it. Even as my house was making this happen on it.

As a government will be noticed all of the service will be give free those internet companies provides which people want to needs for free for used internet also too. They try to update it for news from the different place what happens on cases of coronavirus from boarder side of Nepal. The government also be thought for the economy and agriculture sector to preventing whole Nepali people. Let’s happen to see the update coming day into our country Nepal.

If the people cannot go outside it might be close those places of the market will be close. As I wake up from the bedroom I listen to to notice from police van they have announce for all people don’t go outside from home. They are also be working for it. If people happen on virus they can take for hospital for check-up. Keep stay safe from coronavirus.